Review: Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Exploring Creature with Astronomy
Written by: Jeannie Fulbright

This book starts out with the nature of Astronomy and covers the major structures of our Solar System. Your children will learn all the details about the sun and progress toward Pluto. Along the way, the children will learn about the earth’s moon and various belts, stars and galaxies that make up God’s beautiful universe.

The projects and activities involve exploring the sun, stars, snide the solar system with fun-hands-on activities like demonstrating an eclipse, making a rocket, making fog, making a telescope, keeping track of the moon phrases, and even making an astrometer to measure the brightness of a star.

I have only one child remaining at home that I homeschool. So when it comes to Science experiments is something that we just don’t do because of the cost involved in making sure we have everything. Therefore, we chose to purchase an Apologia Astronomy Science kit for less that $32 (at the time of writing this) through Home Science Tools.

Sample Module

Table of Contents

List of Items Needed for experiments.

Notebook Pages

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