Review: Exploring Creature with Botany

Exploring Creature with Botany
Written by: Jeannie Fulbright

This is an in-depth study of God’s fascinating plant kingdom as the children watch seeds germinate, preserve flowers through examining seeds, pollination, flowers, fruit, trees, roots, and so much more in the 12 units in this book.

The activities and projects make the lessons to come alive! Some of the projects that your children will be making is a light hut, growing seeds, examining plant roots, measuring transpiration, making a leaf skeleton and many more.

I have only one child remaining at home that I homeschool. So when it comes to Science experiments is something that we just don’t do because of the cost involved in making sure we have everything. Therefore, we chose to purchase an Apologia Botany Science kit for less that $35 (at the time of writing this) through Home Science Tools.

Sample Module

Table of Contents

List of Items Needed

Notebook Pages

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