Field Trip: Fire Department

August 10, 2010

Who ever heard of a field on the first day of school? We do… and we did! lol. What an awesome way to roll into the new school year!!!

We meet with several other homeschooling families at the Lee Summit Fire Department and was given a tour of the fire engines. My daughter was so excited to be able to go. At first I thought she was joking around about going, but I tell you through out the whole presentation of every door being opened and every item explained, the speaker had my daughter’s attention.

At the end of the presentation, each child got a coloring book. My daughter asked for one, and was disappointed when it had already been written in. I chuckled because she is still a child at heart. She SO loves to color!! I pray that she remain as innocent but mature until Jesus returns!!

I had her write-up a paragraph about the field trip and her experiences. One thing that I learned was that fire trucks can be any color the city choses. I always thought they had to be red, but the gentlemen explained originally red was chosen to be more noticeable, but after a survey they found that not to be true. They chose yellow because it was BRIGHT! And bright it is…

Also when leaving, each parent got an emergency guide/First aid which would be an excellent tool to use for Health this year. Oh, I almost forgot. The kids got fireman hats too!

You can just tell she LOVED it!!!

To tie in the Wisdom Book #1, we talked about “Alertness” and how the fireman had to be alert, and also we as neighbors must be alert for those around us too.

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