Movie Review: Tracking Africa’s Dinosaurs

Title: Tracking Africa’s Dinosaurs
Genre: Documentary
Length: 50 minutes

Scientist discovered a dinosaur fossil deep in the mountains of Morocco. The said bone is to be an unknown species and origin. You do see at first-hand how scientist discover and unearth fossils. You are taken from the deep mountains into the labs for further examination of the fossil bones. The scientist does attempt to date this unknown species to be about billions of years old.

My daughter says it was REALLY interesting until it mentioned billions of years ago. She has learned to overlook these kinds of errors but warns any new believer to continue to search for the Truth and that we shouldn’t be convinced that this is the Truth. (Referring to billions of years ago).

My daughter says she couldn’t, in good Faith, recommend this documentary to anyone for this reason. (Referring to billions of years ago).

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