Homeschool: One Word or Two?

This is something that has really bothered me. Is the word “homeschool” one word or two? I know this topic has been around such a long time. However, I had one lady, a well known author, make a comment to me about how many don’t know how to correctly spell that word. At one time, I had edited her books, as it was a ministry that she had written the books for. It made me think, do I spell it correctly?

I thought about this for some time but never really looked for an answer as I believe that it should be spelled as one word. But, I keep seeing it being written both ways! I can not say that it is a ‘pet peeve’ of mine, but does make reading articles easier when there are no road bumps in them.

In fact, my spell check on my Apple shows it to be two words. I have to be careful when the spell checker automatically changes my word from homeschool to home school. Also one day by accident, I was doing a search on google looking for a resource to use in school. My hands were faster than my brain…. or maybe the other way around and ended up making homeschool into home school but didn’t realize it until after hitting the enter button. I found some great resources to do that one day.

To dig a little deeper into this, did you know that Merriam-Webster and Encyclopedia Britannica shows it to be one word as well? If they recognize it as one word, why can’t the automatic spell checkers pick that up too?


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