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I received this email and had to post it…. I did remove one link as it didn’t work for me. Check out their website to see if they are coming close to you! ~ Karen

I wanted to let you know about an event that is happening that has been getting some media attention, but not near enough. In honor of the victims of 9-1-1, 15 American and 15 Australian Fire Fighters are running across America to help others remember the victims. It seems with all this Mosque business and in the name of ‘freedom’ we forget what happened on 9-1-1!

Remember the terror in our hearts? Remember everyone running to pick up their kids…I wanted to so badly & couldn’t because I was a work. Remember the gas pumps & people running to the buy everything they could, thinking we were going to war, on our soil? Attached are three links. Please check them out. Follow these runners on Facebook, and post to Rob’s blog. Rob Wills is my cousin, he’s one of the 15 chosen American servicemen…he had an extra blessing, in that he is a Las Vegas Police Officer, not a fire man. He, like so many others, is extremely patriotic, and his heart is breaking at all the Anti-American events that happen on a daily basis in our country! They asked him to participate because they knew his heart and soul would be involved…it is! What a passion he has for America!

Please feel free to forward these links, especially to those folks that live in the area’s they are running. They need people to go out & support them…cheer for them, honk their horns, and let them know you care!

These men have been in training for a year…they will cover 4,600 miles, running in 6 hour shifts, 24 hours a day, for 31 days! They started in LA and will end at Ground Zero on 9-1-1. I can’t even imagine!

These gentlemen (and 1 lady) are inspiring to me! They are trying remind everyone of what loving your country means. It doesn’t mean getting what you can out of people, or the getting for free what you can ‘from the system’. That is paid for by you and by me. It’s about loving the freedom to worship, serve and live. Loving the freedom to move about the country as we choose, loving the freedom to leave and come back, as we choose. It’s about having the freedom to help take care of our neighbors, as they have need. It’s about loving what our founding fathers loved…Freedom.

Please take a moment to follow these people, post a note of encouragement on Rob’s blog, and check out the map to see if you or a loved one will be close to where they are running. I’m hoping to be able to make it to OKC to cheer them on!

Kriss Spencer

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