**Warning** No More Dairy Queen

Read my views on Girl Scouts.

No more Dairy Queen? Like, are you serious? Ok, it is not like we go there anyways, but I surely loved their peanut buster parfait! But, how can I be a willing participant of a Corporation who supports another Corporation who is an advocate for Planed Parenthood and is pro-abortionist?

I can’t in good conscience use my money to fund abortions, even if it is only a penny. That would be blood money, as my daughter would say.

On the DQ website, it clearly states, “DQ is proud to support the Girl Scout Cookie Activity—the leading financial literacy program for girls!” (Source: DQ Website).

Upon Googling for additional resources, I found that at a local DQ would donate to various organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network, and some local soup kitchens, etc… I also found a Volunteer Appreciation Week where DQ donates 20% back to the “friends of Girl Scouts”. (Source: Tx GS)

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One Response to **Warning** No More Dairy Queen

  1. Connie Jean says:

    Well, that’s just sad. Boo to DQ I say. I love their blizzards. Sadly, we don’t support Girl Scouts or anything that does so I guess that would mean we won’t be enjoying a Blizzard again anytime soon. BUT I still say BOO to them. Thanks for sharing!

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