Outing: Picnic, Hayrides, and a Corn Maze

On Sunday, Tori and I drove south of Kansas City for a picnic, hayrides and a corn maze.

I have to say I never been to a corn maze before. I spent much of the time fellowshipping with other homeschooling moms, three of which go or had gone to IHOP.

I can see how the corn maze reinforces team building skills. Tori went into the maze with two other kids from her Robotics team and one other homeschooler.

The maze wasn’t completed. It had an opening, a place to enter and a different place to exit. However, they didn’t connect.  They went to the entrance and had to turn around after going through all the avenues. Then they thought they would try it backwards and see if they find their way to the entrance but it was a dead in as well. Overall, the kids really didn’t care because they had such as fun time. For Tori, being her first time she really enjoyed it!

The kids got to go on two hayrides around the huge farm. That was a lot of fun as well.

For our picnic, I had made pasta salad to eat. We had sandwiches for lunch and Tori suggested pasta salad since we didn’t have much time after church to make a picnic dinner.

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