A Hail Storm

… becomes a teachable moment.

One day Tori and I was talking about the different kinds of clouds. Identifying the different clouds, and then we began to talk about different weather patterns. As you may not know, we don’t watch much TV. We have SkyAngel so we are limited as to what we watch. I turned on the Weather Channel and we sat and talked about the weather patterns that we say, etc…  We talked about different kinds of weather that different parts of the world would or would not see based upon their location to the equator. Just a few days later, a hail storm came through Kansas City.

Tori learned first-hand about hailstorms! I had her to walk out into the yard, and ran back in saying they hurt. We chuckled and I was able to explain how vehicles get damaged, and even deaths occur when the hailstones get bigger. Our dog went out, but yelped coming back in. lol.

This hailstorm was no accident. God knew that it was coming, and had us talking about such things right before they happened. What a great science class!!

Then, we spoke about the hailstorms that God had brought against the Egyptians in Exodus 9. She caught in vs 19 where it says men (the Egyptians) would even die in the fields from it. Her comment was… I could see how that could happen if those stones were great big.

I then showed her the following picture of a huge hailstones as big as an inch rained down in Texas busting a windshield.

Humm…. I thought it to be an overall good lesson to learn.

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