Scrapbook for School?

I have been a “paper scraper” for a long time. My sisters actually got me hooked on when they had given me their “Extras”.

Overtime I began to do less and less, not because I didn’t enjoy it but because I didn’t have time for it. It takes time to find the paper and just the right embellishments for scrapbook theme you are doing. Of course you want to make sure that the colors in the pictures correlates with the elements that you are using.

Then there is the mess. After scrapping for a couple of hours, there always seemed to be a mess on my table and scraps on the floor. It took just as much time to find the stuff then it did to put the stuff away.

To me, paper scrapbooking was time-consuming and therefore I stopped actually scrapbooking for a short while. But, I continued taking pictures! I love taking pictures!

About three years, I was introduced to a digital scrapbooking. This was almost like a dream!! I zipped through making pages, and pages. The elements could be used over and over again. I didn’t have to buy any elements they were free all over the internet. Digital Scrapbooking was a great idea for me.

I did buy a couple of different software that did not do what I wanted it to do. In time, I came across Scrapbook Max! and decided to try it. They had this promotional thing going, and I was able to purchase the software program for almost $20.

My daughter is now interested in learning how to digital scrapbook as well. This year, I will be teaching her how to do it although, she already has just from looking over my shoulders and helping pick colors out. She has a great eye for colors.

Check out the scrapbook album I put together for out 2008/2009 Life of Faith for my daughter.

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