Dissecting a Cow’s Eye

For our look at eyes for Science this week, we will be dissecting a cow’s eye. I have been tossing around the idea of actually ordering a cow’s eye to dissect or take an online video for this part of our homeschool class.

I can buy a cow’s eye for $6.95 at HomeTrainingTools or watch a FREE online video at the Explotatorium. I have to say the kit is more of a memorable way to about an eye anatomy after all I remember having to dissect a worm in school many years ago. However, I decided to begin with the video to see what would happen… a girl going yuk or not!!

This is really GROSS.

My daughter viewed the video, and said, “Gross… BUT I wanna do it. Of course, only if I can wear gloves.” LOL!!

If I had someone to help, I would buy the eye. LOL. I am positive that once the eyeball gets here that I will have to initiate the dissection. I just don’t think it would be something she would do by herself. And to be honest with you, I am NOT interested in this at ALL!

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