Eye Diagram & Disorders

For Science this week, we studied eyes. Along with labeling an eye, we looked up the various disorders such as Colorblindness, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Blindness, and Tunnel Vision. The assignment was to write an essay telling about the cause and the characteristics of the above disorders.

(Camera Shot from Expl0ratorium, click on photo to enlarge)

Another thing that Victoria will be doing for Science class is to dissect a cow’s eye. She is excited about that!! This is the same girl who went and spent a few hours at the Animal Hospital and “audit” three different surgeries on house pets over the summer.

For Health class later this week, I plan to pull out our Henry Wright book and Physician’s Reference to find the root causes to these disorders. For example, I know that diabetic people are more likely to have Glaucoma than non-diabetic person.

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