How Important is Body Language?

Is body language really that important?

What kind of message is your kids sending to you, to their teachers or even to their pastors? Are we telling another one of God’s creation that they aren’t important? Oh, I pray we aren’t. Saved or not, they are just as important because Jesus dies on the Cross for them just as He did for you and me.

Our body language can tell a lot. This kind of language is important rather you are sitting in a classroom lecture or on a job interview. We can tell the prospective employer that we are not nervous but at ease in an interview. We can potentially tell a public speaker that they are boring, but we really don’t want to be rude and do that. We can even show another person that they are important, after all God created them just as He did you and I. Therefore they are important.

To show the other person what they are saying is very important, we need to make eye contact with the speaker, slightly tilt your head as if you are listening, nod or smile but you shouldn’t be fidgety or move around a lot.

Nodding your head in agreement with the speaker shows you are listening and in agreement with topic.

Smiling and friendly gestures shows friendliness and co-operation or agreement.

Crossing your arms and or legs makes you look as if you are defensive, or closed in what the other person is saying.

Raising your eyebrows too much as a listener shows disbelief in the speaker.

Tapping of feet or fingers or other continuous rapid movement portrays one to be bored with the speaker.

Did you realize that body language can tell you if someone is lying to you? Check out this entry for more information.

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