Live Presentation: The Dream of a King

Tori and I went to a live performance at the International House of Prayer on Monday. I have to say that I am still chewing on the Truth that was release into atmosphere. It is simply amazing. We did record the performance, until my memory card was full. I had the zoom lens on, but that wasn’t good enough. The video is fuzzy.

The Dream of a King portrays black history in a way that has never been seen before. We joined a bag lady on a journey from slavery to presidency and everywhere in between. This presentation was great! That is all I can say about it…. simply a Godly ordained message for this time and age!

The bag lady began the presentations saying that each bag she carries is her IDENTITY. And that is WHO she is, very pride-like. The scenes switched from girls being ripped from their families in Africa to be put into slavery in America. Other scenes included a young lady talking about the time that her and her momma was taken and the little brother was never seen again and the anger and resentment that she had while her momma was signing to the Lord. She couldn’t understand how someone could go through what happened to them and still rejoicing.

The bag lady continued the journey with mentioning of who Abraham Lincoln was and what the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation really meant. Freedom for the slaves. The history timeline continued to Martin Luther King Jr. and the protest of civil rights to the NAACP Brown versus the Board of Education, Rosa Parks, and Obama as President.

Overall, the message of the timeline described the struggles that the black community has had since South Africa. And how each tick mark on the timeline had given them a foundation…. a foundation of great men. The challenge was laid out to stop finding your identity in everything else, to stop searching for a foundation, because Jesus Christ had already laid the foundation through His blood.

The bag lady took off each bag that represented the foundation through the timeline of black history at the foot of the Cross. At the end, each actor/actress stood up and gave a static about the black community that was staggering!

As I was watching the video that we took, I do want to say a couple of things that really is resonating in my bones. When the two ladies who were on the bench, one being the daughter of the “wash woman” while the other was the daughter of the plantation. They daughter on the right (the one in the pink dress) was marching the protest for the other one to be able to vote. But what I wanted to really share was the one on the left mentioned the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 where Jesus talks about loving those who come against, and then ask the other girl, is this protest loving those who don’t want the black’s to vote? She continued saying that there were a lot pastors and preachers at the marches and they wasn’t saying what Jesus was saying.

Jesus spoke a lot about not fighting back. He speaks of forgiveness and to turn the other cheek. Basically, we shouldn’t be following man, but Jesus. This really hit me because of the message that God has been stirring within me.

As Christians, Jesus fights our battles for us. We are called to be still and wait upon the Lord. God placed authority over us. He knows what He is doing. When we disobey, we are telling God that He doesn’t know what He is doing and when that authority abuses the power over us, we are to be meek, and to stand still. If that authority requires us to go against God’s Word, we are to make an appeal to the authority as three young men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did with the king. The king denied it and was thrown in into the furnace.

Did they retaliate? No, they simply accepted their punishment knowing they flesh will die but they couldn’t take their spirit which would be in heaven for eternity.

In the past couple of months, God has shown me situations very similar to the three young men. I believe what He is saying to me is HOW I am to react to those who God has put in authority over me ask me to violate God’s Word. Am I willing to give up my life for Him?

There are many other questions that rolling in my head. Such as “How am I to make an appeal as the three young men did?”…. but the biggest question is, “Am I ready to die for my Savior?” Many will say YES, but are you really sure?

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