Review: Human Body: Pushing the Limits

Human Body: Pushing the Limits, 2 DVD set
Discovery Channel Production
Time: 160 minutes, combined

This documentary movie will appeal to your children. The amazing real-life stories and the effects are engaging. It is very educational with lessons, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, of how our bodies can be pushed to the limits. It is very well done documentary with a lot of information that may enlighten you about the marble of God’s human design. The movie will capture your attention with the entertaining graphics and the stories. It is perfect to reinforce your health lessons on bone and muscle systems and the brain and nervous system.

The one thing that I found WRONG was the narrator states “…millions of years of evolution” referring to the human body in two different parts. I do not believe nor do I teach that we were ‘evolved’ from apes. God created us in His image, according to His word.

Because I felt this video has a wealth of information that was very interesting and supportive of our Health and Science curriculum, I allowed my daughter to watch it. My daughter does understand that some movies and books uses a time frame that is not necessarily what we believe, and she understands that we were created not evolved from apes. If you can overlook the “millions of years of evolution”, then this is a MUST!!

We viewed this movie through Netflix.

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