Chinese Fortune Cookies Not Chinese At All?

I must say that I LOVE Chinese food. I guess more of the American Chinese food than the real Chinese food since I haven’t travelled to China.  I guess you can say that I am bias since I really can’t compare it.

My daughter and I went to Panda Express yesterday. Oh, by the way…. have I told you that I REALLY like Chinese food… the American Chinese food?

I also like the fortune cookies. It is the little hint of sugar in them that I like, it’s not too much and not too little but just the right amount of sugar for my taste buds. The only thing I don’t like about the fortune cookies is the “fortune” inside. I always wondered rather or not Christians should read the fortunes inside.

I think we should look at the motive of our hearts first and then let us look what the history of the fortune cookie really is. Was the roots of fortune cookies used in a pagan ritual and then “convert” to christianity? As funny as that may seem, you would be surprised what the day-to-day things we Christians do that have pagan roots.

Let’s look at my heart…. well that is impossible to do. The Scripture tells us that the heart is wicked above all things, and that no one knows the heart of man, but God Himself. So, let’s examine my motive of eating the cookie. Do I eat the cookie because it’s sweetness and it puts the right hint of sweetness to the meal? Or do I eat the fortune cookie as an excuse to read my fortune and to get the numbers to play lotto? That my beloved, I do not do.

Now let’s take a look at the history of the fortune cookies and see if it is pagan ritual or not. From research of the internet I had read many that said Chinese introduced the fortune cookie, while only a few said it was the Japanese who introduced the fortune cookie. I now have conflicting information. So, which is it?

To be Continued… (Part Two)

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