Tsuijura Senbei

Continued from Part One.

I done more digging into finding the origins of fortune cookies. This is what I found…


That in the 19th Century the Japanese had a similar custom of fortune cookies. It is called “tsuijura senbei” and it is a tradition of the Japanese temple that has written message of random fortunes called omikuji.

The Tsuilura Senbei is a tradition that is associated with the Japanese New Year. The senbei is a Japanese cookie that contains tsuijura (writing that tells your future inside the cookie). The cookie is not sweet tasting either. I did read in a couple of places that the idea of the Tsuilura Senbei was introduced at the Japanese Tea Garden at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco as a refreshment. It became to be known as “fortune cookies”.

According to Wikipedia, omikuji (“sacred lottery”) can be found at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. You can receive one when giving a small offering and then randomly choosing one from a box or by dropping in coins into a coin-slotted machine. The messages on the omikuji rolled inside the tsuijura senbei usually includes general blessings such as, “Great Blessing”; “Middle blessing”; “small blessing”; “blessing”; “half-blessing”; “near blessing”; “curse”; “small curse”; “half-curse”; “near-curse”; etc… Then it will list fortunes regarding specific aspects of your life such as, childbirth, illness, disputes, market speculation, travel, business dealings, etc…

The omikuji predicts the person’s chances of his or her hopes of finding a good match, matters of health, fortune, etc. If the fortune is bad, then there is a ritual that you do with the omikuji.

However, today it is seen as child’s play.

The original roots of tsuilura senbei is wickedness!! Plain AND simple! Even if it viewed today as a “child’s play” today, oh my beloved let us not be so deceived to practice in these kinds of things when the roots are clearly derived from wickedness!

There are horoscopes, tarot cards, tea leaves, and many other things than can tell your future, just as Tsuilura senbei. Is it not the casting of lots that is mentioned in Deut. 18 that we shouldn’t be doing? Is it wickedness that we are to run from? Are we not warned, as the Israelites were to stay away from these kinds of things? Then why do we find ourselves doing them today? Are we so deceived that we don’t realize what we are doing, and the real implications of our actions is not God honoring?

To be Continued… (Part Three)

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