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Grammar-Land by M.L. Nesbitt *Free Worksheets*

Grammar-Land, Ch 1: Mr. Noun Grammar-Land, Ch 2: Little Article Grammar-Land, Ch 3: Mr. Promoun Grammar-Land, Ch 4: Serjeant Parshing’s Visit Grammar-Land, Ch 5: Mr. Adjective Grammar-Land, Ch 6: Mr. Adjective Tried for Stealing Grammar-Land, Ch 7: The Quarrel Grammar-Land, … Continue reading

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Grammar-Land Completed

Today, I completed all the worksheets that go along with Grammar-Land written by M.L. Nesbitt. The book is written in an allegoric form to teach the elements of Grammar . This is a great introduction into the basic Parts of Speech. … Continue reading

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A Fortune Cookie Dispute

I originally started writing an entry about fortune cookies. I enjoy the taste of the vanilla cookie after a meal, but really don’t pay attention to the little white piece paper. In fact, most of the time, I just throw … Continue reading

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Tsuijura Senbei

Continued from Part One. I done more digging into finding the origins of fortune cookies. This is what I found… JAPANESE VERSION That in the 19th Century the Japanese had a similar custom of fortune cookies. It is called “tsuijura … Continue reading

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Chinese Fortune Cookies Not Chinese At All?

I must say that I LOVE Chinese food. I guess more of the American Chinese food than the real Chinese food since I haven’t travelled to China.  I guess you can say that I am bias since I really can’t … Continue reading

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Finding Your Blindspot

Tori learned about analogies between the visual disorders in the natural as well as in the Spiritual, when we studied our eyes this week. She also researched a few diseases or problems with the eyes along with dissecting a cow’s … Continue reading

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Planning Your Wisdom Books

The Wisdom Books are great for the heart issues as well as it being a wealth of knowledge, so I have made it the backbone of our schooling. Using the Wisdom Book Weekly Planner keeps us on track and focused … Continue reading

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What to Do with Expired Eggs…

… a science experiment!! This video was taken a few months ago. We had some eggs that actually was expired. They were left over after our extended trip in Texas and when we returned home I had to clean out … Continue reading

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My Jack in a Cube

Instead of having a Jack in a box, I have a Jack in a Cube! Actually, it’s Annabell, our JackRat (Rat Terrier & Jack Russell mix) We purchased a kitty cube and as soon as we got it home, my … Continue reading

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