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My Jack in a Cube

Instead of having a Jack in a box, I have a Jack in a Cube! Actually, it’s Annabell, our JackRat (Rat Terrier & Jack Russell mix) We purchased a kitty cube and as soon as we got it home, my … Continue reading

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How Important is Body Language?

Is body language really that important? What kind of message is your kids sending to you, to their teachers or even to their pastors? Are we telling another one of God’s creation that they aren’t important? Oh, I pray we aren’t. … Continue reading

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Scrapbook for School?

I have been a “paper scraper” for a long time. My sisters actually got me hooked on when they had given me their “Extras”. Overtime I began to do less and less, not because I didn’t enjoy it but because … Continue reading

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A Hail Storm

… becomes a teachable moment. One day Tori and I was talking about the different kinds of clouds. Identifying the different clouds, and then we began to talk about different weather patterns. As you may not know, we don’t watch … Continue reading

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A Flower in Our Backyard

Isn’t this absolutely gorgeous? My daughter snap this when she walked to the back fence to feed the raccoons some left overs. I am not sure what kind of flower it is, but it is definitely beautiful!

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Run Across America

I received this email and had to post it…. I did remove one link as it didn’t work for me. Check out their website to see if they are coming close to you! ~ Karen I wanted to let you … Continue reading

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Homeschool: One Word or Two?

This is something that has really bothered me. Is the word “homeschool” one word or two? I know this topic has been around such a long time. However, I had one lady, a well known author, make a comment to me … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Sung Over Your Children?

I love to sing, I use to say that I couldn’t carry a tune, unless I had a bucket. But I have to admit, at times, there are times, that I know when I sing a few lines that it … Continue reading

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Ebay Store

Hello everyone, I wanted to invite you over to my Ebay store. I opened up one. It was that time of year again. It is cheaper to have a store, when you have many items to post. This time of … Continue reading

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You Have Not Because You Ask Not!

I was speaking to someone online, through emails that I had met through E-bay. She was selling IBLP/ATI materials and I was buying. I sent her question, and she responded that she had the items I was looking for and … Continue reading

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