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New Kitten Gift Basket

My daughter made this as a project for 4-H Vet Science. This basket is ideal for those just getting a new kitten. The local vet clinic does a lot kitten/cat adoptions. After the 4-H fair, this basket will be donated … Continue reading

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Food Gift Basket

My daughter noticed that we have a single elderly lady living close to us. We have befriended her to the point of having her come over for dinner a few times. For a community service project, Victoria thought about her … Continue reading

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Gift Basket Containers

Here is a compiled list of containers that can can be used for gift baskets. Keep your eyes open as you go to yard sales and thrift stores! Container ideas to be used for any theme: Wicker baskets Nested boxes … Continue reading

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Gift Basket Supplies

Having basic basket supply in mind when you go shopping, can the make the process of making a “Gift Basket” much  easier. The Basic Gift Basket Supply List: Gift Basket or other containers Filler Wrap Ribbons and Bows Gift Card … Continue reading

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Gift Basket Basic Theme Ideas

There are many gift basket themes that can be created. One is only limited with a lack of creativity. When I first started making gift baskets, I lacked creativity because I just didn’t know what to do. I quickly learned … Continue reading

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Gift Baskets

One item that Victoria wanted to submit to the “Foods” section in 4-H was a food basket. This got us onto a journey of making out own gift baskets. We went to a local thrift store and found baskets (approx … Continue reading

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Healthy Snack Food Basket

This makes for a great gift! We picked up a few small baskets (smaller than 12×12) at thrift store for less than $1.99; a bag of shredded paper and basket wrap from Dollar Tree for less than $2; and curly … Continue reading

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S’mores In a Jar

In a quart jar, layer the following ingredients: 1 package of graham crackers, crushed to crumbs 1/3 c. brown sugar 1 1/2 c. mini marshmallows 1 c. milk chocolate chips Attach the follow card to the jar: Pour contents of … Continue reading

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Legend of the Candy Cane

Attach sugar-free candy canes to a little note that shares the following meaning is great idea to pass out in the nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Use regular candy canes and attach to a note of this message to … Continue reading

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Gift Ideas- Scripture Pictures

One of the coolest gifts you can give another is the Word of God! The best way to do that is make “Scripture Pictures.” They are VERY easy to make! Equipment needed: Computer w/ internet Color Printer 1 sheet of … Continue reading

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