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Finding Your Blindspot

Tori learned about analogies between the visual disorders in the natural as well as in the Spiritual, when we studied our eyes this week. She also researched a few diseases or problems with the eyes along with dissecting a cow’s … Continue reading

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Planning Your Wisdom Books

The Wisdom Books are great for the heart issues as well as it being a wealth of knowledge, so I have made it the backbone of our schooling. Using the Wisdom Book Weekly Planner keeps us on track and focused … Continue reading

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What to Do with Expired Eggs…

… a science experiment!! This video was taken a few months ago. We had some eggs that actually was expired. They were left over after our extended trip in Texas and when we returned home I had to clean out … Continue reading

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Open My Eyes That I May See

Hymnal History This month we are focusing on Alertness as our character focus. This hymn really fits with the focus because the hymn ask for God’s help in seeing, in hearing, and in sharing. Let’s take a look at the … Continue reading

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How Important is Body Language?

Is body language really that important? What kind of message is your kids sending to you, to their teachers or even to their pastors? Are we telling another one of God’s creation that they aren’t important? Oh, I pray we aren’t. … Continue reading

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Can Eye Irregularities Give Us Insight…?

We studied the human eye along with visual disorders in the past week. Can eyes irregularities (visual disorders) give us insight about our spiritual vision? I really do not know the answer to that nor do I pretend to…. lol. However, … Continue reading

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Live Presentation: The Dream of a King

Tori and I went to a live performance at the International House of Prayer on Monday. I have to say that I am still chewing on the Truth that was release into atmosphere. It is simply amazing. We did record … Continue reading

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Eye Test Found Online

Here are some test we found online for your eyes… Colorblindness Testing Check to see if you are colorblind by do the following test: Blind Spot Testing We had a lot of fun with the following blind spot test. … Continue reading

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Dissecting a Cow’s Eye

For our look at eyes for Science this week, we will be dissecting a cow’s eye. I have been tossing around the idea of actually ordering a cow’s eye to dissect or take an online video for this part of … Continue reading

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