Drawing Adventures Through the Scriptures

It’s an innovative approach to “seeing” the Scriptures come alive! Drawing Adventures through the Scriptures will help students to learn and remember themes and concepts taught in Scripture. This will help to internalize God’s Word within the student. This study is designed to encourage children to think and to see how an artist thinks and sees. You will find a list of Bible stories from the Old & New Testament that will guide you in Drawing Adventures through the Scriptures.

To get the most out of Drawing Adventures through the Scriptures, the student should:


The student reads a passage from his own Bible, thinks about the meaning, and then draws a picture relating to the passage. This simple approach helps children grow in their faith and understanding of Scripture, and at the same time they use and develop their art skills.

It is important while reading and thinking on the Scripture that you get a clear idea (picture in mind) of the location, people, and things in the Scripture. It is just as important to understand what these objects are. You may use an encyclopedia, magazine or the internet to look up what something would look like.

Take your time when completing your artwork. The more you put into your artwork, the more you will draw out of the Scriptures. The Scriptures will make a lasting impression!

Drawing Adventures Through the Scriptures


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