Roots Notebook Pages

In teaching root words, I use English From the Roots Up. However, I do know some will use the information online. The beginning of the week, I write the root word upon our whiteboard. Then we talk about the possible meaning of the root word. If my daughter can’t guess the meaning, then I give her words that uses that root word. Before I get to the second word, she usually guesses the meaning of the Latin or Greek root. My daughter pulls out an index card and on one side she write the root word with three examples of words and the root definition on the back side.

We use these index cards as flashcards for hands-on practice.

On the second day, I give my daughter the notebook page below and have her complete it. At the of the book, we assemble these pages into her own Rootbook Notebook.

I try at least once a month to create a bingo cards with roots and definitions to play. I “call” out the definition and she is to mark the root word, and visa versa.

Another way to reinforce root words is to play Rummy Roots. With Rummy Roots, you can play Memory and even Go Fish with these cards. (It is ONE of the best investments we made for our school!)




Online root word flashcards is a great way to reinforce the first 100 Greek and Latin root words used in the English From the Roots Up.


Print this document out to TEST your skills for the English From the Roots Up Volume One and Volume Two.

*These are not used to replace the program but only to enhance and reinforce the skills that is taught in the English From the Roots Up.


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