Mystery of History, Vol 2 Worksheets

These worksheets were actually created by “Heartwork in Progress“, another homeschool mom who loves creating worksheets / notebooking pages for her children.

Mystery of History 2

Lesson 1 Pentecost
Lesson 2 Saul, who is also called Paul
Saul, who is also called Paul Activity 2A
Saul, who is also called Paul Activity 2B
Saul, who is also called Paul Activity 2C
Lesson 3 Paul’s Missionary Journeys
Paul’s Missionary Journeys (MOH2-3) Activity 3B
Lesson 4 Nero
The Colosseum Activity 4B
The Catacombs of Rome Activity 4C
Lesson 5 Martyrs of the Early Church
Lesson 6 Josephus
Lesson 7 Masada
Lesson 8 The Dead Sea Scrolls
Lesson 9 The Buried City of Pompeii
Lesson 10 Bar-kokhba
10 Things that Qualify Christ table
Lesson 11 The Apostle’s Creed
Lesson 12 St. Valentine’s
Lesson 13 Diocletian Divides the Roman Empire
What is a governor? sheet
Myth of Jupiter
St. George the Dragon Slayer
Lesson 14 Constantine I and the Edict of Milan
Lesson 15 The Golden Age of India
Lesson 16 The Maya
Rigoberta Menchu Tum
Lesson 17 St. Augustine of Hippo
Lesson 18 The Holy Bible and the Vulgate by Jerome
Lesson 19 St Patrick, Missionary to Ireland
Lesson 20 Attila the Hun
Lesson 21 Fall of the Western Empire
Lesson 22 Daily Life in the Dark Ages
Lesson 23 King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Lesson 24 Justinian I and Theodora, Rulers of the Byzantine
Lesson 25 Columba, Missionary to Scotland
Lesson 26 Early Japan and Prince Shotoku
Lesson 27 Gregory the Great
Lesson 28 The Sui and Tang Dynasties of China
Lesson 29 Mohammed and the Birth of Islam
Lesson 30 The Spread of Islam
Lesson 31 Wu Zetian, Empress of China
Lesson 32 Epic of Beowulf
Lesson 33 Al-Andalus:”Ornament of the World” in Medieval Spain
Lesson 34 St. Boniface, Apostle to Germany
Lesson 35 The Iconoclast Controversy
Lesson 36 Charles “Martel” and the Battle of Tours
Lesson 37 Charlemagne
Lesson 38 One Thousand and One Arabian Nights
Lesson 39 Invasion of the Vikings
Lesson 40 The Vikings
Lesson 41 Methodius and Cyril