Grammar-Land by Nesbitt

Grammar Land: Or Grammar In Fun for the Children of Schoolroom-Shire, by M. L. Nesbitt

Original Copyright: 1878


What is Grammar-land? Where is Grammar-land? Have you ever been to Grammar-land? Wait a minute and you shall hear. You will not find Grammar-land marked on the globe, and I never saw a map of it; but then, who ever saw a map of Fairy-land? and yet you have all heard of that, and know a great deal about it, of course. Well, Grammar-land is a place every bit as real as Fairy-land, and much more important. The Fairy Queen is all very well, and a very great little queen in her way; but Judge Grammar! great, stern, old Judge Grammar, is far mightier than any Fairy Queen, for he rules over real kings and queens down here in Matter-of-fact-land. Our kings and queens, and emperors too, have all to obey Judge Grammar’s laws, or else they would talk what is called bad grammar; and then, even their own subjects would laugh at them, and would say: “Poor things! When they were children, and lived in Schoolroom-shire, they can never have been taken to Grammar-land! How shocking!” And Judge Grammar himself — well, I cannot say what he would do, as I suppose such a thing never really happened; for who could imagine a king or queen saying, “I is,” or “you was,” or “it wasn’t me.” No one speaks in that way except people who have never heard of Judge Grammar…. to read more.

Grammar-Land, Ch 1: Mr. Noun
Grammar-Land, Ch 2: Little Article
Grammar-Land, Ch 3: Mr. Promoun
Grammar-Land, Ch 4: Serjeant Parshing’s Visit
Grammar-Land, Ch 5: Mr. Adjective
Grammar-Land, Ch 6: Mr. Adjective Tried for Stealing
Grammar-Land, Ch 7: The Quarrel
Grammar-Land, Ch 8: Dr. Verb
Grammar-Land, Ch 9: Dr. Verb Three Tenses
Grammar-Land, Ch 10: Serjeant Parsing in …
Grammar-Land, Ch 11
Grammar-Land, Ch 12
Grammar-Land, Ch 13
Grammar-Land, Ch 14
Grammar-Land, Ch 15
Grammar-Land, Ch 16
Grammar-Land, Ch 17
Grammar-Land People Pieces
are an excellent tool if you are making a lapbook as you go through the Chapters. 

Grammar-Land Game Board
will help to reinforce what you child is learning. 

Grammar-Land Game Cards (Q&A) 


13 Responses to Grammar-Land by Nesbitt

  1. Amy says:

    Do you have a Grammarland gameboard that can be printed in B/W and colored by hand (no colored spaces) for those of us without a color printer?

  2. Thank you! I will be linking to your blog soon!

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  5. Teresa says:

    I am wondering if you have a answer keys for your Grammar-land worksheet pages, where applicable?

  6. val says:

    We love your worksheets!! Did you by chance have an answer key (for the grammatically challenged)?

  7. Sharon says:

    Thank you for the worksheets! My son loves reading the Grammar Land. I was wondering if you have the answer key to the worksheets?

  8. Kris says:

    Is there a link to the answers somewhere? Thanks!

  9. Heather Webster says:

    Is there another book called Matter-Of-Fact-Land for math that is available? It was mentioned in the Grammarland book and I was just wondering if it was a real book. Thank you, Heather Webster

  10. Rice says:

    I like your GrammarLand pages! I made some myself (much less professional-looking) before looking for some answers to the questions in Grammarland. Do you have an answer key for the work sheets? The first few are easy but near the end I find myself lost at times.

  11. Jenny says:

    Thanks so much for your hard work and for sharing with others! These are GREAT!

  12. Theresa W says:

    I am so glad I am not the only one looking for the answers to the GrammarLand chapters. We stopped using it because I wasn’t sure what the answers were… HELP!!!

    • I went through the book with my daughter, so the answers are really obvious. I no longer have the book to share the answers. I will offer to you as every other person commenting about needing them. 1. If you get the answers or the blog post where the answers are so I can share. OR 2. Would you like to send me the book? I will look up the answers to post them. Sorry, I cannot be of any help at this time. 😦

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