They LOOK just like dominoes!! No, not the pizza but the game pieces. Only these are consumables…. they are printable! No more worries if your child losses one in the couch! Just reprint them!! You can’t go wrong with these.

It is intended to be used for school purposes in a classroom or at home to give the students extra practice to reinforce math skills.

DomiDots (Single)
DomiDots (Double)

Here are worksheets that will reinforce basic math problems using the above DomiDots, or your own set of Dominoes. It is very easy to play! Just read the instructions on each worksheet. Everytime you play, your children will have different math problems!

DD Worksheet Younger Addition
DD Worksheet Younger Subtraction
DD Worksheet Older Subtraction
DD Worksheet Older Addition
DD Worksheet Older Multiplication

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  2. Seen your site via msn the other day and absolutely like it. Continue the truly great work.

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