Rubric / Grading Forms

Rubrics are used to measure your child’s learning for grading and scoring. They use systematic scoring methods with pre-determined criteria. Rubrics helps the parents / teachers to keep the assessment of child’s work more consistently.

To create your own Rubric form, click here for a blank one or you can simply go here to create a generic Rubric form to grade your student!

Choose from many different Rubric forms:

Typing Rubric
Timeline Rubric
Reflective Essay Rubric
Recorder Skills Rubric
Presentation Rubric
Persuasive Writing Rubric
Persuasive Letter Writing Rubric
Penmanship Position Checklist
Oral Reading Rubric
Notebook Rubric
Narrative Rubric
Map Rubric
Keyboard / Piano Rubric
Good Writing Position Checklist
Friendly Letter Writing Rubric
Expository Writing Rubric
Editor’s Checklist
Descriptive Writing Rubric
Clean Up / Change Activities Rubric
Blank Rubric
Bible Verse Grading Scale
Oral Reading Rubric

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