Fulfilling Their Calling

Your child is not ordinary in any sense. Your child has a special call on his or her life. God gave to you your own special and unique children.  God has entrusted you to love and to train them for Him. They are not for our good pleasures, but for His. Yet, if you train them for Him, they will bring you much delight and pleasure.

Also, never forget that they do not belong to anyone else either. Don’t make the mistake of turning your children over to others to train. Cherish and protect what God has given to you, so that you can give them to the Lord, undefiled and ready for His use.  Think on this daily! Soon it will become your mindset and you will be able to better make decisions that you will face regarding the upbringing of your children.

My goal for my children is to go into full-time ministry to advance His kingdom. What is your goal? Is it money, fame, or pride?


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