George Washington (Sower Series)

George Washington: Man of Prayer and Courage
Sowers Series, ISBN # 091513425X

This biography of George Washington is interesting and easy to read. It does reveal some interesting facts and a great overview of this wonderful devout Christian who became the President of the United States. It starts out in his childhood years where his father taught him how to shoot a rifle, and ride a horse. His father even hired him a tutor to prepare him for schooling. The book moves into how George Washington got interested in surveying the land, working his plantation, how he became a great military leader through the battles fighting the British against the French and the Indiana, and eventually the first president of the United States of America. George Washington’s great leadership and commitment to the Lord are portrayed in this book.

Overall, we believe this to be an excellent book for older children/young adults who would like to read interesting facts about a great man who wouldn’t be necessarily written in a textbook of sorts.

(This book was chosen to be my daughter’s first book report for the 2010/2011 school year).


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