American Heroes Series: Abraham Lincoln

American Heroes Series: Abraham Lincoln
SVE & Churchill Media
Run time: 18 minutes

This DVD we got through the local Library system. It is an older movie.

The narration began by explaining the time frame and moved through Abraham Lincoln’s life. Either reenactments or actual photos viewed on the screen that matched the narration starting from his birthplace in Kentucky, to his childhood home in Illinois to his last days as president, illuminating his honesty, intellect, compassion, and determination.

One story says that his father hated slavery therefore moving from Kentucky to Indiana since it was a state that you could by and sell slaves. Another story states that he travelled 10 miles to deliver tea to a lady who left it on the counter. While another talks about the railroads in Illinois, to his partnership in a law office to his presidency and to the Civil War.

Overall, this documentary was very short but kept the attention and reinforces what your US History book states it to be. There is even a quiz at the end of the video which is excellent for comprehension skills.


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