You Are There: Abraham Lincoln’s Great Moments

Title: You Are There: Abraham Lincoln’s Great Moments
Length: Two 30 minute episodes

This movie is divided into two sections. First, The Emancipation Proclamation and secondly, The Gettysburg Address. Each black & white movie is hosted by Walter Cronkite, as a newscaster. The anchorman comes on giving the topic, then it goes to the on-the scene reporter for more detailed information and interviews the people who give a different perspectives on the events.

Overall, this DVD was educational, insightful and entertaining. You will sure love the reenactments that brings a part of history to life without it being drawn out in length. We would recommend this video for any student who would like to learn more about Abraham Lincoln or the Civil War era.

I had my daughter take notes since they were short films. She done an excellent job, and the film done even a better job in keeping her attention!


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