Mystery of History Series

Written by: Linda Lacour Hobar
Published by: Bright Ideas Press
Grades: K-8 (possibly can be done with High Schoolers, with additional supplements)

This in one of Cathy Duffy’s Top 100 picks!

I completely recommend Mystery of History series! I have personally gone through Volume One, teaching at a co-op, group of 18 children age ranges from 7 through 15 and Volume Two, with a smaller co-op group of 5 kids ranging from ages 8 to 13. Teaching multilevel ages is very possible with this series!

The author has an unique way of writing the lessons. It is written in a conversational style therefore engaging the children as if the lessons were being written directly for them. This makes reading the lessons to your children, a bonus! These lessons also teaches the children to see the hand of God throughout history events in chronological order.

Each volume includes timeline projects, study questions, pre-test, vocabulary, maps, quizzes, along with numerous activities to reveal the beautiful picture of God’s sovereignty and reinforces His love for us!

Volume One Creation to the Resurrection
Beginning with Creation and goes chronological order, you explore biblical history and world history side-by-side, at the same time. Therefore you will learn about Adam and Eve before the flood; the Stonehedge before Abraham; and Hammurabi after Joseph.

Volume Two The Early Church and the Middle Ages (A.D. 30-1460)
The author does a great job in bringing out key events and people so the children gets a bigger picture covering the Pentecost to the printing press. This volume is written in such a way that you and your children will see how God reveals Himself through world events.

Volume Three The Renaissance, Reformation, and the Growth of Nations (1455-1707)
I haven’t yet used this volume. But I have confidence that this volume is no less than the others.


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