Robinson Curriculum

Robinson Curriculum
Grade: K-12
Method: 3R’s

This is one of the best self-taught homeschooling curriculums on the market. The program is simply Reading, Writing and Math.

One thing I truly like about Dr. Robinson is his honesty. He doesn’t try to “hide” the secret to his program, as so many do. You can get a good idea on how to implement this program from thoroughly reading through the website below. Here is the link the suggest books to read by grade level.

The 22 CD’s contains the books that you need, except for Math. Dr. Robinson does recommend Saxon but if you have found a different Math that works for your children then don’t change the Math curriculum.

If you would like to start RC before purchasing the CD’s you can simply find them online through Baldwin and Gutenberg. If you are afraid of printing out the books (due to cost of ink), there are now reading devices on the market that allows you to download and read the devices as a portable book. An awesome tool!! Although looking at a computer screen can be unhealthy, you can find some of the classics still in print today and some at the library. Let me say this, there was one book on the CD that at last glance was well over $120+ to purchase used, and no copies were found online through Baldwin or Gutenberg. It is one of the most cost efficient curriculum on the market today. The CD’s covers everything, but Math, for K through 12th grade. You cannot beat that! The CD’s are well-worth the money!!!

My experience with RC: I purchased the CD’s because I LOVE to read and I do believe in the 3R method rather than multiple subjects. I enjoyed the relaxed environment that it brought into the home. And I liked the idea that I didn’t have to ‘spoon-feed’ my daughter. However, being a single-homeschool mom, it was a hard schedule for me as she struggled with reading so it forced me to read along side of her. I tried allowing her read on her own, but she didn’t have a good taste of reading because of her public school experience.

Today, knowing the program, I would not hesitate in trying the program again with my daughter as she now LOVES to read!!

Just remember that God made every family different, what didn’t work for one family will work for another. I ask that you go to their website and read it thoroughly. There is a wealth of information on their site that give you a clearer and better understanding than I can give.



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